How It Works

We listen deeply. We encourage you to tell the stories that matter most—whether joyful or sad. We guide you as you chronicle difficult times and recount your proudest achievements.

The process:

Project Development—Before the first interview session, we meet with you by phone or in person to learn the basics of your story—important time periods, significant people, meaningful accomplishments and events. We use this information to help us do the necessary preparation/research, in order to guarantee that we conduct the best interview possible. Together we discuss the details of our working relationship, clarify hopes and expectations, and answer any questions that you have.

Interview—We come to you in whatever setting you find most comfortable. Typically, people choose to be interviewed in their home or place of work. An interview session usually lasts for 1 1/2 hrs. We schedule a series of interviews at convenient times for you. Most complete life histories can be captured in 6–10 hours of interviewing and most birth/adoption stories in 2–4 hours. Company histories vary widely in length, depending on the number of individuals interviewed and the complexity of the history. We record all of our interviews with our professional video equipment.

Transcription/Editing—Your interview is transcribed, generally within 2–4 weeks. It is then edited, in keeping with the decisions made during our project development meeting. At this point, you supply us with any photos or documents that will be included in your project. We return the originals to you as soon as we’re done with them.

Review—You then have the opportunity to review the transcript and make any corrections or deletions. If you’ve chosen to have a video biography, this is the time to let us know if there are parts of the interview that you don’t want included.

Production—Once we receive the transcript back from you, the artistry continues. In our capable hands, your interview is shaped into its final form, whether that’s a basic transcript in its original question-and-answer format, simply bound; a more polished narrative, custom bound; or a powerful video biography, complete with titles, chapters, photographs, and music.

Let Story Lines help you create a lasting legacy. Contact us for a free consultation and pricing estimate.