The DVD, "Julia's Story," turned out beautifully and so nicely preserves all the feelings we had throughout our adoption process. Julia will be grateful to have a chronicle of her journey to us, one she can share with her kids some day!

—Ann Hadland

Esther Ehrlich has given me a great gift, her love of the story, the listening and the telling of it. I’ve told her mine and she has helped it unfold from invisible thought to living breathing reality. With her, nothing goes unnoticed.

—Neil Marcus
Performance Artist

Esther Ehrlich has been a pleasure to work with because she approaches all of her work with energy and a commitment to do it right. Her work for me has been superb in every aspect. She tackles (it) as a scholar, as a mentor, and as a colleague with dedication and discipline. In addition to her formidable talents as a scholar, she is a wonderful and congenial colleague…a person capable of undertaking difficult tasks while maintaining a sense of humor.

—Richard Candida Smith
Director, Regional Oral History Office
University of California, Berkeley

Esther was focused, encouraging, gently persistent, always seeming to know just when to nudge me towards the most important stories. She had the ability to keep us on track and provided a thread of continuity from one session to the next.

—Judith Smith
Artistic Director and Founding Member
AXIS Dance Company